About Me

Victor Eke

⚡ Bio

I'm a Frontend Developer and Open Source maintainer with over 2+ years of experience building accessible, responsive, and reusable web applications and websites using technologies like React, NextJS, Sass/Less, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, TailwindCSS, Vite, Git, GitHub, Styled-Components, Framer motion, RestAPI, Vercel, Netlify, and more.

I love coding, writing articles, and creating content on topics I find fascinating and believe will be beneficial to other developers.

One of my biggest passion is working on projects/ideas that are improving the lives of other developers. This has led me to create an open source community of over 150+ developers working on projects and learning every day. You can check us out on GitHub.

🚴🏽‍♀️ Hobbies

I'm mostly glued to my computer most of the time but there are a few activities I also enjoy doing outside of work like playing my guitar, watching anime (only the popular ones), and playing video games. Recently, I've picked up an interest in cycling so I'm currently saving up for a bike.

🏗️ Work Tools

  • 💻 Just my rusty HP Notebook 15
  • ⌨️ A cheap keyboard I bought on AliExpress
  • 🐭 Wired RGB mouse

🌐 Social and Connect

I love connecting with other developers, so if you will love to reach out to me, you can send me a message on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn. I'm extremely active on GitHub as well so you can check my profile too.

Thanks for checking out my profile, if you love what I do, you can drop a recommendation for me on LinkedIn, or buy me a coffee and I'll sincerely appreciate it.